Yip it was another good year for the Cape Town Sup team and the 2 ladies from Boland taking most of the wins. Well done and lets try and have the SA Champs in our town next year.

Surf was not the best with strong onshore winds not making it easy we did have a good Saturday morning but otherwise was all pritty tricky conditions. The good thing was the water was warm and thats always fun. Thabks again to Paul, Pat and Ann for the great event and all the sponsors it is always good to be at your well organised events and hope you keep them going bigger and better.

Well done to the Coreban team who took most of the wins looks like those new wave boards are working a treat. Ethan Koopmans was man alone in the race and technical and is a machine on his Naish LE well done Ethan.

So fans keep surfing and see you all at the next event.