RYD Traction Pad True Range 3 Piece

Our True Range Traction pads are ideal for all kind of boards. For wide tail boards, you can push out the pieces to create a bigger footprint. Narrow tail boards, keep the pieces together and you have the best combination pad.

Width: 12.2″ / 310mm
Length: 13″ / 330mm


  • 3 Piece
  • Kicktail – 27mm
  • Groove – Square
  • Archbar – 5mm
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All RYD Tractions are guaranteed for two years against factory and material defects, as well as workmanship. This does not cover incorrect application, natural wear-and-tear, neglect or abuse. To make a warranty claim simply return the product and sales receipt to the place of purchase. If it was purchased form an online store, please follow their customer service steps regarding store returns and warranties.


Clean the surface of the board before the traction is applied for the first time. Follow correct application instructions – the 3m adhesive we’ve selected for our entire range of tractions achieves maximum adhesion when pressure is applied during application. Followed by allowing sufficient curing time.

Our high density eva grips are formulated to give the perfect amount of grip for the duration, which means there’s no need to wax your grip. A hard block of wax can be abrasive and can lead to traction nodules lifting off or smoothing down.