RYD Surfboard Layback Range Longboard

EPS Foam Core

Top and Bottom Bamboo 3mm

Wood Stringer

Reinforced 4 oz Layer in Standing Area

4 oz + 6 oz Fibreglass

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Our 9’1” Layback model is the perfect all-round longboard design. It offers ease of paddling, catching waves on a whim and rides waves like a magic carpet.

We designed the Layback model with a wide range of surfers in mind. For those starting out you can catch waves easier and ride for longer due to the momentum the Layback carries. For intermediate surfers, experience the difference of riding a longboard and what it offers on smaller to mid-size waves. For experienced surfers, put the Layback on its rail and feel the drive and release for more manoeuvrability and performance longboard surfing.

Each board comes with a 2+1 Fin setup so interchange between a single fin glide or a thruster drive and manoeuvrable board.

Enjoy each ride with the Layback.