RYD Surfboard Alt Range Fun

EPS Foam Core

Top and Bottom Bamboo 3mm

Wood Stringer

Reinforced 4 oz Layer in Standing Area

4 oz + 6 oz Fibreglass

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It’s all about having fun! We increased the volume to ensure that no matter what your level of surfing is, there will be a model for you.

The bottom was created with a flat entry point in the nose area that blends into a slight double concave, flowing out into a nice Vee. This will enable you to catch waves with ease and still have the speed and flow to maneuver your board. Sharp rails in the tail area for hold and drive and a 5 Fin one tab setup to interchange between a Thruster (for more punchier days) and a Quad for speed on smaller days.

Get out there and be the person with the biggest smile in the lineup!