RYD – Pereva 12’6″ x 28.5″ x 6″


Pereva is the perfect Touring board to explore distant shores on all waterways, for all fitness and skill levels.

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This true displacement hull will keep its momentum and increase side strokes to create a longer glide.

Being part of Ryd’s Alt range, the one board does it all range, the Pereva is great for exploring lakes, rivers and canals.

In addition to a highly functional range in terms of performance, the Alt range features a refined, earthy look, thanks to a layer of real bamboo veneer, top and bottom.

Ryd has utilized only the best materials available to them to focus on durability, balancing weight ratios, and elegance to ensure that they construct a strong, easy to manage range (the Alt range) that looks great.

Each board in the Alt range is vacuum bagged with a layer of real bamboo veneer on the top and bottom. The 16 g density EPS foam core, 1/4″ (600mm) wood stringer and multiple 6 oz Epoxy Fiberglass layers will ensure a strong, long lasting board.


    • Action camera mount
    • Front bungee for easy and safe gear access
    • Goretex vent plug – allowing for safe air release (without allowing water in) during rapid tempareture change
    • Soft EVA Diamond Groove Traction Pad – comfort for standing and kneeling
Board Specifications
Length Width Thickness Volume Board Weight Max Rider Weight
12'6" 28.5" 6" -- L -- lbs -- lbs
381 cm 72 cm 15 cm -- L -- kg -- kg