Tech Specs
  • 14 x 27.75 @ 270 liters of volume
  • Only 29lbs 1LB EPS vacuum bagged carbon top and glass bottom, bamboo + epoxy construction
  • Single BOGA glass race fin
  • GORE no maintenance vent
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • GoPro camera mount


An all new design based on speed, stability and performance, the 2016 Typhoon has everyone at Team BOGA excited. When designing this board we wanted a shape that was versatile in many conditions. Special care went into designing the reverse bow nose, we created what we call a “slippery” bow, meaning the board does not steer from the nose when drafting or on downwind runs. The team riders also demanded a shape that is fast off the start, one that can hit over 7mph on sprints to catch up to or out pace draft trains. For this a unique bottom shape was created which actually gets the board up on plane for fast out of the pocket sprints. The deck was also redesigned for more maneuverability , no more raised rails that can break and get in the way during rough conditions.

We kept the same important traits BOGA has always had with our race line, stability, durability and improved overall performance and durability.